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Protecting those who protect the public.

WelcomE TO THE

Edmonton Police Association

The Edmonton Police Association (EPA) is the Association behind the men and women that serve as sworn officers of the Edmonton Police Service.

Today the EPA has many responsibilities, the core of which is the collective bargaining on behalf of members and the legal representation of members. Be sure to read our history to see how the EPA has evolved over time.

Online Portal for Members

The Edmonton Police Association Management System, or in short EPAMS, is our online portal for active EPA members.

Personal Information

Insurance policies, parking passes, appointments, inquiries and case management.


Stay up-to-date with what’s going on. Events, Tournaments, Awards and more…

Blue Meadows

Book the venue online, view recent events, Rental Fees and more.


A place for the membership to chat with each other and the board.

Media Inquiries

Any Questions? We are happy to answer all the questions you have, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our Responsibilities

What we do


Conducting collective bargaining negotiations between the Association and the City of Edmonton. This includes salary and conditions of employment.


When there is a breach of any provision of the Collective Agreement between the Association and The City of Edmonton, the Association will file, process and advance such a grievance on behalf of the member.


Provide assistance and guidance to members that are alleged to have contravened any provision of the Police Service Regulations.

Legal Counsel

Provide appropriate guidance and legal counsel to those members alleged to have committed a Criminal offence while carrying out their lawful duties as a Police Officer.

Charity Funds

Maintain a fund for charitable purposes which includes providing bursaries for children of members entering a recognized post-secondary institution.

Social Events

Planning and organizing family related functions promoting the social wellbeing of the members.

As we review the history of Edmonton, it is difficult to visualize that in 1892, two small communities were vying to outdo each other in growth and importance. Strathcona lay on the south side of the North Saskatchewan River and Edmonton graced the north banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Although the Dominion of Canada Land office was in Edmonton, Strathcona utilized every possible method to lure the Dominion Land office to the south side of the river. The feud between these two communities made it necessary to establish a “Police Force”, as it was known then, to keep the peace.

The devolvement of the “Police Force” also brought about the normal human resource, labour and contractual issues as they are known today. In an attempt to resolve them, the City of Edmonton Policeman’s Association was formed to strictly be a bargaining agent for serving Police Officers.

A list of our executive officers – past and present can be found here….
Our History

Who we are

our Fallen members



Questions, concerns, ideas? Get in touch! Members are encouraged to contact the EPA through the portal for a faster and more personalized response.


Monday to Friday
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM


2nd Floor 14220-112 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5M 2T8, CANADA


PHONE: (780)-496-8600
FAX: (780)-428-0374


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